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I sat down with Janay and designed my dream dress for a nontraditional wedding dress. I’m a plus sized, middle aged woman looking for a dress for a 2nd wedding.  It was absolutely perfect!

Angie Williams Shubel

I cannot say enough about Janay! She was absolutely wonderful to work with and made the perfect recommendations to help my dress fit me in all the right places! 

I unfortunately lost my brother in February and Janay added a blue heart to my dress from one of my brothers blue T-shirt’s, but added extra lace over it to still fit beautifully with my dress and that is something I will cherish forever. 

I can’t wait to work with her again when my sister in law gets married!

Kayla Stephens

Janay is a miracle worker!! I had my heart set on wearing a third generation dress worn by my mother and grandmother. It didn’t fit and it needed some updating and Janay made it into my dream dress. She was excellent to work with and her rates were reasonable. All three dress wearers, my grandmother mother and myself, were comfortable letting Janay work on something so treasured by us. She really nailed it. If you need alterations especially on an heirloom dress, there is no one better than Janay!!

Katherine Marie

What a lovely experience I had at janay A Eco Bridal. Janay went above and beyond. I didn't really know exactly what all the alterations I needed but Janay had a vision, she walked me through it and I loved it! She did an amazing job. I'd highly recommend her! Her place is so cute too! Very whimsical and relaxing.

Angela Moyer

Janay's service style attention to detail and the love she puts in each creation is beyond compare! love me some Janay-A!

Jacy Navarro

Working with Janay was one of the best experiences of our wedding. She was always a delight to see and took the time to get to know us and help with our needs. She took the dress my grandmother made for my mother and transformed it into my dream dress while maintaining the integrity of the history of the dress. I had always wanted to wear the dress and she made it into something I could beautifully wear with pride!

Courtney Murdock

EVERYTHING  Janay touches is Magic. She creates such vivid beauty and life in all of her gowns from the ethical sourcing of her fabrics to the care that is put in each stitch. She is the BEST of the best.

Plus her shop is the CUTEST thing. I have never felt more welcome or relaxed then then I have been in her beautiful space!

Leah Gunn Emerick

I found Janay when I was looking for a skirt overlay for my wedding dress. I first thought I would just be ordering something from her that she would send and would work just fine. However, Janay exceeded all expectations once I met her. She helped to clean my dress as well as all alterations. She then completely designed by skirt overlay which exceeded my vision in all the right ways. Working with Janay was so comfortable. I had about five fittings leading up to my wedding and in every single fitting I left feeling so comfortable leaving my dress with Janay and trusting her with my vision. She was honest and kind when discussing areas such as my breasts, weight, and stature and offered suggestions that were truly in my best interest physically and emotionally. Janay is truly a go to for all dress needs especially custom work. I would trust her with anything!

Christy Renee

If you have the opportunity to speak with Janay, you know you are in good hands! What a gorgeous woman, and beautiful results! Seeing her work is always a privilege! I definitely recommend her to brides!

Morèe Guerra-EuDaly

Shout out to Janay and her team for saving my 67 year old heirloom dress!!!!  ❤️ 5/19/18

I decided as a little girl that I would like to wear my mom’s wedding dress, which was also my grandmother’s wedding dress. My mom was married in 1988 and Mamo was married in 1951. 

The challenge of working with material that is 67 years old was not the worst of it. When we brought my wedding dress to Janay, it was chopped up and pieced together by another person that claimed to know what they were doing. “Cut, scrunch, pin” is how we described some of the work the other people shoved onto my dress. Looking back at the pictures we took to track the progress of my dress, I was not happy in any of those pictures. When we met with Janay she was shocked but willing to try to help us save my dress. Janay did a wonderful job and I felt like a bride should on her wedding day. It was so special to be able to wear my dream wedding dress! 

Thank you Janay!

Taylor O'Reilly